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Air-cooled Condensing Unit
Water-cooled Condensing Unit
Water-cooled Condensing Unit
Paralleled Condensing Unit
Industrial Water-cooled Condensing Unit
Air-cooled Condensing Unit
Air-cooled Condensing Unit
Water-cooled Condensing Unit



 The compressor unit can for use in many kinds of

    refrigerants such as R22,R404,R407C;

    The same serial compressor unit,is suitable for different


    Excellent functions:

 Equipped with oil separator,high and lower pressure

    controller,solenoid valve,filter drier,high and lower

   pressure gauge ,big volume receiver and high efficien

   condensing  units ,it is best match unit.

    Special design for the construction:

    Construction compact,equipped with peotect

    cover,stability,service life long and good looking.

 Excellent design for the driving parts and up best rduced

    the vibration result.

    The reasonable suction device in order to compressor

    cylinder has completed cooling.

    According to different applications to equipment with high

    efficient Wpattern Rifle bored copper,it can be  reduced

    overall dimension and add transfer-heating result.

    BFBV20 over 56H(Y)  comperssor unit adopted split wire

    motor,it can use small current to start running.

    Reliability protectors:

 The motor uses electronic module protector or advanced

    heat protect to control the temperature.

    BFBV20 over 84.5H(Y) compressor unit or adopted oil

    different pressure controller to ensure well lubrication system

    and equipped with auto-proctor of high pressure release valve .

    Semi hermetic compressor unit data download

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