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Air-cooled Condenser
Water-cooled Condensing Unit
Tecumseh TAG Compressor
Filter Drier
     Zhejiang Beifeng Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is located in Shengzhou where a historical and cultural city with beautiful scenery is. It is close to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo and enjoys a superior geographical position. The company has 30 years history of manufacturing refrigeration equipments. Its registered brand is ¡°BEIFENG¡±. It covers an area of 90 mu and has a factory area of 50,000 m2. It has set up branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Changzhou dedicating in manufacturing and marketing.
The products of BEIFENG are mainly included:
Compressor series: semi-closed double-stage piston compressor air-cooled and water-cooled condenser, industrial refrigerating equipments, cabinet type, integrated outdoor type, multi-machine parallel type, fully-closed type etc.
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