Semi-Hermetic Compressor
 Semi-Hermetic Compressor Units
 Outdoor Cabinet-type Condensing unit
 Air-Cooled Condenser
 High Efficiency Air-Cooler(Air-cooled Evaporator)
 D Serial Air Cooler
 WaterCooled Condenser & Dry Type Evaporator
 Refrigeration Auto-control Elements
 Maneurop Units
 French Tecumseh Compressors Unit
 Outer Rotator
 French Tecumseh Hermrtic Compressors
 Aspera Compressors
 Danfoss Scroll and Maneurop Compressor
 NARA Flexible hose Connector
 Italy Castel Valves
 Other accessories
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Our company have been officially authorized by Ita

Castel is an italian falily enterprise,steadfastly growing within five dacades.
Castel products enjoy a reputable fame of high-quality around the world. Quality is prioritized by castel. Attention are
highly paid in each production step.
Castel have equipped wih advanced manufacturing equipment and auto assembly line,meeting the EEC instruction.
Castel have UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate authorized by ICIM.
The full range of Castel products include Solenoid valve, Safefy valve, Expansion Valve , Drier filter, Filter Core, Sight glass and Vibration Absorber.
Add:447 Xinzha Road,Shanghai,China    Tel£º021-63582448 63723628    Fax£º021-63583692    E-mail£º