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About the centrifugal refrigeration compressor is

First, the characteristics of centrifugal refrigerating compressor.

Centrifugal refrigeration compressor is a speed type compressor, has the following advantages:

1 in the same amount of cold case, particularly in large capacity, compared with screw compressor, saves large oil device, unit weight and small size, small occupation area;

2 centrifugal compressor has simple and compact structure, less moving parts, reliable, durable, low operating cost;

3 easy to realize multistage compression and multiple evaporation temperature, easy to achieve intermediate cooling, so that power consumption is low;

4centrifugal chiller with lubricating oil heat exchanger is minimal, the heat transfer effect on smaller, units with high efficiency.

Has the following disadvantages:

The 1 rotor rotational speed and high, in order to ensure a certain width impeller, must be used for the large flow of occasions, not suitable for small flow of occasions;

The 2single stage pressure ratio is low, in order to get a high pressure ratio to multi-stage impeller, usually with gear;

3centrifugal compressor surge is inherent disadvantages, units must add anti-surge system;

4with a turbine can not have big changes, the applicable range is narrow.

Second, centrifugal refrigeration compressor application status and trend.

At present most of the domestic centrifugal chiller market mainly by Ou Rimei occupied some refrigeration business. Comparison of well-known enterprises such as Carrier, Trane, York, maikeweier,

AXIMA (formerly Suhl Shou ), Ebara, Mitsubishi, relying on advanced technology and good technology dominant centrifugal chiller market. Domestic enterprises mainly for Chongqing GM, the early introduction of NREC Technology

Development of centrifugal refrigeration machine. With the development of society, the user need cold quantity is more and more high, because the energy requirements of the centrifugal machine has more and more wide market. Some domestic

Air conditioner manufacturers such as Haier, Australia Kema, Gree and the United States ( and Chongqing general combined) have introduced their own centrifugal chillers. Cold working with AXIMA developed centrifugal chiller and the district

Domain heating centrifugal pump unit. Most of these centrifugal chiller refrigerants used R134a.

As the energy in the form of nervous with each passing day, energy saving and consumption reducing is a trend in the development of products. As Chinese urbanization level unceasing enhancement, the building energy consumption is increasing. Has the highest

The coefficient of performance of the centrifugal chiller will undoubtedly become a hot market, in recent years the sales continue to increase for centrifugal water chiller.

Most of the domestic development of centrifugal water chiller enterprises just buying imported compressor, basically no profit. Foreign centrifuges manufacturers will not easily transfer their own core technology, to

Want to develop centrifugal refrigeration compressor, only taking the way of independent development. With the design and manufacturing technologies continue to mature, the domestic centrifugal refrigeration compressor design become possible.

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